Cuckoo for some gummys


Typically, someone breaking into a building is looking for money and valuables. Yet that wasn’t the case during one robbery Sept. 24.

Police said a man walked into 3225 Johnson Ave., around 8 p.m., and headed for the basement, normally restricted only for employees. One of those employees stepped forward, asking the man to stop — at which point police said he lifted his shirt to show a knife tucked into his waistband, signaling for the man to be quiet before heading further into the basement.

Once inside, he reportedly found what he wanted — 12 packets of gummy bears — leaving the building through the emergency exit. 

Police were called, promptly arresting the man and charging him with burglary.

A heap of cash

It was a strange night at 5500 Fieldston Road after someone reportedly broke a window in the late evening hours of Sept. 22, entering the building’s basement. 

The perpetrator used a saw to cut open a box that police said contained more than $1,600 cash before making a quick exit through the same window he already broke.

Police say they’re on the lookout for a man last seen riding a motorized scooter and wearing a red sweater or sweatshirt, tan boots and black gloves.

Don’t answer when strangers call

If you don’t recognize the caller ID number, police say it might be a good idea to ignore the call. 

That was something one woman who picked up the phone Sept. 22 wished she had done after  being told she owed the IRS more than $3,000 and could face arrest if she didn’t pay up. 

Panicked, she went out and bought gift cards at Nike and GameStop before realizing she’d been scammed and reported the incident to police. 

Parking squabble gets physical

Taking your valuables with you when you park on the street is always advisable, but it’s not a foolproof plan.

One man parked his 2015 Kia Optima on Adrian Avenue on the evening of Sept. 26, returning the next day to find it in much worse shape.

The back windshield and the sunroof had been smashed, police said. The hood was dented, and the car was scratched. 

The car’s owner told police he argued with another driver over his parking spot, and believed the aggrieved man might have returned to take his revenge.

Officers are investigating.