Police Beat

December 22, 2016 weekly crime round-up

W. 225th Street and Broadway
Bronx, NY
2701 Webb Ave.
Bronx, NY
Manhattan College and Henry Hudson parkways
Bronx, NY
5959 Delafield Ave.
Bronx, NY
Broadway and Mosholu Avenue
Bronx, NY

Carjacker throws out passenger to steal car

1. A couple’s car was stolen, while one of them was still in it, according to police. 

They said a 27-year-old man left his 23-year-old girlfriend in the passenger seat of his car at the corner of W. 225th Street and Broadway on Dec. 14 to get something from the corner store. 

While the car was still running, an armed perpetrator wearing a red bubble jacket got in and ordered the 23-year-old victim to get out.

She complied and he fled south on Broadway. Police recovered the 2016 Honda Accord the following day, although reports were unclear about where it had been found.

This case is open to investigation.


Robber hits building lobby

2. An unidentified assailant grabbed a woman by her neck in the lobby of her apartment building, slammed her into a wall and stole a cell phone and cash, according to police. 

The incident occurred last week when the woman, 34, was on her way out of 2701 Webb Ave., while talking on her phone, police said. 

He then told her to hand over her phone, grabbed it along with some cash from her other hand and fled in an unknown direction. He stole an LG cell phone, worth $94, and $100 in cash.

This case is open to detectives.


Another catalytic converter

3. For those Police Beat readers keeping count, a third catalytic converter was stolen from a car in the last month, according to police.

This time, the incident occurred sometime between Dec. 2 and Dec. 4, but was not reported to police until Dec. 15.

The victim, a 38-year-old male left his car parked on the corner of Manhattan College and Henry Hudson parkways on Dec. 2, but when he returned two days later found his catalytic converter, a pricey part inside automobiles that uses valuable minerals to convert toxic fumes produced by engines into useable energy, was gone. 

This part, belonging to a 2009 Toyota Prius, was worth $2,704.  

Police say a similar pattern arose in March 2015, but had they not encountered the crime again until late this year. 

This case is open to detectives.


Rear window smashed

4. A woman told police someone had broken the rear window of her car on Dec. 17. 

Police said the victim, 42, parked her 2015 Subaru in front of 5959 Delafield Ave., at 10 p.m. on Dec. 17.

When she returned the next day at 8 a.m., someone had used a golf club to smash her window.

This case is open to detectives. 


Drunk driver ran a stop sign

5. On Dec. 14, a driver was stopped, and arrested after running a stop sign, according to police. 

The arresting officer said when he approached the vehicle, there was a strong smell of alcohol and the suspect had bloodshot eyes. 

The suspect, 50, was taken to a testing facility where he scored a .069 on a Breathalyzer exam. 

Although that is below the legal limit, police said they still expect him to be charged in connection to the incident.