Dialogue is good


To the editor:

As we proceed with the development of our planned rental building on Palisade Avenue, the value of increased transparency and regular communications with our neighbors and local stakeholders has been made clear.

Ongoing project updates will be a vital part of our process moving forward.

We were pleased to hold our first in-person meeting with local community residents on Feb. 7, which provided us with the opportunity to explain the process to date, outline next steps, and address questions about the project. We also received constructive feedback from the residents in attendance, which we already have begun to incorporate into our process.

We very much appreciate the recommendation by Community Board 8 land use committee chair Charles Moerdler that we hold this meeting to bring the parties together for a respectful dialogue.

We hope that this meeting helped to demonstrate our commitment to increasing communication with the community, and we look forward to future meetings and improved relations with our neighbors.

Jeff Torkin, Mitch Perle

The authors are owners of 2395 Palisade Ave., and principals for developer Timber Equities.