Don't be fooled by the DSA


To the editor:

(re: “DSA Question not anti-Semitic,” Aug. 27)

One only has to access the boycott-divestment-sanction website to understand why the Democratic Socialists of America in supporting BDS is, in fact, supporting an anti-Semitic position. Anti-Semitic because a core demand of BDS is, in fact, enshrining the “right of return” of Palestinians to their pre-Israel homes.

DSA and BDS understand full well that if this were implemented, then Israel’s existence as the single, autonomous, sovereign Jewish state would cease to exist, replaced by a single “democratic” bi-national state with a Muslim majority.

I suggest the reader should acquaint himself with how well Jews and Jewish rights were protected in Muslim majority states. Throughout history — and especially in the 1940s — when more than 900,000 Middle Eastern Jews, whose communities often predated the Muslim conquest, were driven out destitute and at pain of imprisonment and death.

What happened to those non-mentioned refugees? They were absorbed by Israel, of course.

The same cannot be said of the Palestinians’ plight and their Arab “brothers” who have cynically used the Palestinians for their own gain.

Isaac Geld

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Isaac Geld,