Fieldston was right to fire Brager


To the editor:

(re: “Teacher’s criticism of Israel leads to dismissal,” Jan. 16)

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School was totally justified in firing teacher J.B. Brager for their openly anti-Semitic messages.

The school has been properly condemned for a history of allowing one-sided anti-Israel arguments to be presented to gullible students, and to encourage the brainwashing of young minds to view the destruction of the Jewish state — the key goal of the radical, racist BDS movement — as acceptable.

When the school finally woke up and allowed two rabbis to present a counter view to the BDS position, Brager responded to the speakers with vulgar acts of contempt. So much for their favoring free speech on campus.

Apparently, those like Brager feel that free speech is a one-way road that allows only their radicalized opinions to be stated. To have such individuals to spew their poison to open-minded youngsters who would be hesitant to challenge their authority is unacceptable.

Teachers like Brager have no place in Fieldston, or in any other school.

Larry Gevirtz

The author is a rabbi and was a longtime teacher with SAR Academy.

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Larry Gevirtz,