It happened in Germany, it can happen here, too


Grant Napier was recently fired by radio station KHKT from his job as play-by-play announcer for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA for tweeting “all live smatter. Every single one.”

He later apologized, but didn’t get his job back, for this statement which the Black Lives Matter organization considered insensitive and mocking their cause. Most people in the media got the message and have kept their mouths shut in fear of losing their jobs. Those who believed in freedom of speech got fired.

I am a Jewish war veteran (Korea in 1951-52) who loves this country and fears for its future. I get Social Security and a pension. I’m retired, and so I can’t be intimidated into not voicing an opinion that some people, people or groups might find offensive.

When I get offended, I might write a letter to the editor. I don’t threaten people with violence or losing their jobs. Being offended is part of life. People have different opinions. Those of Black Lives Matter aren’t the only ones that count. We don’t live in a dictatorship. Not yet.

And so this Point of View will now address the thuggish, fascistic “it’s our way or the highway” radical leftist Black Lives Matter organization whose protests, riots and political demands such as “defunding the police” have been dominating the news.

I am white and can well understand why my life and those of others of my race (many of whom live in Riverdale, are white supremacists, enjoying white privilege and are descendants of slave owners) doesn’t matter. What about our vast Hispanic and Asian populations? The term “all lives matter” includes everyone, not only blacks, but Hispanics and Asians as well. Doesn’t their lives matter?

Who the hell does Black Lives Matter think it is to insist that only the lives of Black people matter? That is a racist position pure and simple, and cannot be defended.

The slogan Black Lives Matter is a lie. Not all Black lives matter to that organization — only those of the relatively few unarmed Black people (over a period of many years) killed by white police, George Floyd being the latest such person. FBI statistics show that this category of Black deaths (and this information is rarely made public because it doesn’t fit the agenda) is an extremely low number and is exceeded by the number of similar white deaths at the hands of the police.

The reason George Floyd’s death has caused such outrage among almost 100 percent of the population (including police) is that he wasn’t just killed (many killings are justified), but that he was brutally murdered, which everyone saw with their own eyes. That is what has led to the many protests demanding the immediate prosecution of his murderer, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, and the three other officers who stood there doing nothing

However, there are legitimate peaceful protests, and then there are the Black Lives Matter protests that were simply excuses for rioting, pillaging, looting, burning and the general destruction of property and businesses. Not only was there property destruction, but also countless beatings and even murders (several dozen at the time this was written) of many innocent people — many of whom were Black.

Don’t their lives matter? All these Black people who had been beaten, murdered, or had their businesses destroyed had names (just like George Floyd), but you will never hear their names from Black Lives Matter. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

One more point, many thousands of Blacks are murdered in Chicago (as well as many other cities) every year by other Blacks. These murdered people all have names (just like George Floyd), but Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a damn about their lives. It doesn’t fit their narrative. Black Lives Matter is a marvelous public relations slogan for an organization promoting a radical leftist political agenda. It is great for fundraising, but it is not truthful.

I will conclude by repeating my comments made in a previous letter last September: “That’s the modus operandi of these fascist, leftist thugs ‘never respond to different points of view, instead keep these views from being presented.’ So now we have radical leftist groups like antifa, Black Lives Matter and Students for Justice in Palestine threaten violence and keep people such as Alan Dershowitz, Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager from speaking at colleges all over the United States.

“These groups also intimidate Jewish groups with their “intersectionality” garbage, and intimidate and threaten individuals by accosting them in restaurants, threatening their jobs, and picketing their homes and businesses. They are vicious, violent and evil people.”

It happened in Germany. It can happen here.

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Alvin Gordon,