Police Beat

Jan. 26, 2016 crime round-up

3987 Saxon Ave.
Bronx, NY
2675 Kingsbridge Terrace
Bronx, NY
Claflin and Reservoir avenues
Bronx, NY
5555 Netherland Ave.
Bronx, NY

1. Beer run turns violent

A man was stabbed during an altercation with a stranger—although he was so drunk he cannot remember what prompted the violent argument, according to police. 

Police said the victim, 35, had been drinking with a friend on Sunday night, when he went out to buy more beer. 

Police say the victim was very drunk and, on his way home, began arguing with another man, who was reportedly also drunk, in front of 3987 Saxon Ave. 

The reasons for the argument remain unknown, but the two men started fighting. The suspect, 37, left the victim with multiple stab wounds and lacerations on his arms and hands, police said. 

The victim told police he was unaware he had been stabbed, though he remembered seeing the suspect drawing the blade. 

Detectives arrested the suspect several hours later, and he is expected to be charged with felony assault.


2. Delivery bike stolen

A local food delivery person who parked his electric scooter on Kingsbridge Terrace came back to see a thief takeoff with the scooter, police said. 

The victim, 27, parked in front of 2675 Kingsbridge Terrace on Jan. 17 to bring a food order to a customer. When he came back, he watched an unidentified thief wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt jump on his bike and ride off. 

This case is open to detectives. 


3. Car looted near Jerome Reservoir

A woman who went for a run near Jerome Park Reservoir returned to her car to find someone had broken in and taken more than $1,000 worth of property, according to police. 

They said the victim parked her car at about 1:25 p.m. on Sunday at the corner of Claflin and Reservoir avenues and went for a 30-minute run. 

When she returned at 2 p.m., she saw her car’s window was broken, and her Coach purse, leather jacket and iPhone 6S were missing. 

This case is open to detectives. 


4. Jewelry, coins taken in burglary

A man’s home was taken for thousands of dollars in jewelry and coins in a burglary last week. 

Police say an unknown suspect broke into the victim’s apartment at 5555 Netherland Ave. through the front door and ransacked the place. 

Items taken include a piggy bank with $250 in coins and a number of pieces of gold jewelry.  In all, the alleged thief or thieves took $5,750 worth of property. 

This case is open to investigation.