Just likes seeing name in print


To the editor:

(re: “MTA not spending money wisely,” Dec. 3)

Larry Penner takes 11 paragraphs and 371 words to finally reach the point: The MTA wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on outside consultants.

The author’s letter, as usual, ignores the massive loss of revenue on the part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority due to COVID-19. It ignores the fact that several hundred million dollars — while it shouldn’t be wasted — is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions in red ink the MTA is drowning in.

It also directly contradicts a letter written by the author in August, posted by the Queens Gazette. In this letter, the author states the new realities of telecommuting and decreased ridership might force the MTA to re-evaluate its capital priorities.

The author’s conclusion directly contradicts a letter he had posted in Long Island Weekly. Since the author is in favor of this particular project, the MTA will manage it just fine and dandy.

On Oct. 15, a letter posted by the author in this newspaper gives a history of air-conditioning on New York City buses, and remarks about how the upcoming summer (2021) could be a long one because bus drivers have been instructed to open windows to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I vividly remember the days during the 1970s and 1980s when buses did not have air-conditioning. I want it on the bus in the summer. I am not the slightest bit concerned about this in October, when I have seven months to worry about it.

Mr. Penner has the right to freedom of speech, and The Riverdale Press has the right to whatever letters policy it chooses. But why does The Press continue to publish letters by the author that contradict his other letters? Omit facts that are inconvenient to his opinion? Waste precious “letters” space? And are solely to feed his unceasing, relentless, unquenchable addition to seeing his name in print?

Nat Weiner

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Nat Weiner,