Let's give Eliot Engel another two years to represent all of us


To the editor:

This year’s primary will be like no other. Whether you vote by mail, early vote at IN-Tech Academy on Tibbett Avenue before June 21, or vote at your polling place on June 23, you will be making consequential decisions.

Democrats will vote for Assembly (hopefully, for yours truly, Jeffrey Dinowitz), state senate, as well as Democratic district leaders and state committee member, judge of the city’s civil court, and even president and delegates (where every candidate already has dropped out, except Joe Biden, who has clinched the nomination).

However, we wanted to make clear to our constituents the importance of voting in the most important race on the ballot, the congressional primary, and why we are supporting our congressman and neighbor, Eliot Engel, for re-election.

Congressman Engel has represented this community in Congress faithfully and diligently, and has climbed up the ranks of seniority to become the dean of the New York delegation and chair of the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee. Eliot’s influence has been hard-earned over time, and his role in House leadership allows our views to be heard. Eliot has put his clout in Washington to work for his constituents on a wide range of issues.

As city and state legislators, we both know in city hall and Albany how important federal aid is going to be to ensure that vital services in New York are maintained in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic collapse. In Washington, Eliot is leading this fight. Eliot also has been on the front lines in preserving our system of checks and balances, holding Trump accountable at every turn, and particularly as it relates to foreign affairs.

Recently, a letter from Eliot helped trigger an investigation into wrongdoing by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Eliot was also one of six House committee chairs who was chosen by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead the Trump impeachment process in Congress. These are among the many issues of importance, not only locally, but nationally, that Eliot has led on.

In addition to all his responsibility in Washington, Eliot has always been quick to support efforts to make our community better. Eliot’s 16th Congressional District includes the northern tier of the Bronx, and the southern part of Westchester County. He is seen and is involved in every one of the many neighborhoods of his district. And many thousands of people have been helped at one of his three district offices, including his main office on Johnson Avenue.

We believe that our community is strongest and our voices are loudest when our elected officials work together as a team on behalf of the community. Congressman Eliot Engel is an integral part of that team. As we recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19, as we recover from the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, and as our country enters a new era where we must fight for an end to racism and injustice once and for all, we need Eliot Engel in Congress more than ever.

And we need him as a leader in the battle to elect Joe Biden as president, and to oust Donald Trump, the most incompetent and corrupt president ever.

Andrew Cohen
Jeffrey Dinowitz

Cohen represents the city council’s 11th district, while Dinowitz represents the 81st Assembly District.

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