Local papers should just stay local


To the editor:

(re: “Pelosi has clean hands,” Jan. 31)

Having lived in Riverdale for more than 60 years, I am aware that residents here follow international and national events very closely, and are kept informed and given suggestions about how they should view these events by a variety of newspapers and newsmagazines.

These publications are staffed by editors and on-the-scene reporters who cover the officials and government agencies on which the editorial positions are based.

After a lifelong career in journalism, and as a former government official charged with working with the press, it concerns me that for The Riverdale Press to take editorial positions on national or international issue so that the owners, publisher or editor can air their personal opinion deprives the community and the newspaper’s readers of a voice on issues that are of direct concern to Riverdale.

These include pending zoning changes, conditions in local schools, and the atrocious condition of many of Riverdale’s streets, to name just a few.

If not the local press, who will air and speak about these issues?

Avrum Hyman

Avrum Hyman,