Looking back at firebomb


To the editor:

(re: “Press firebombing: Unthinkable hits close to home,” Feb. 28)

I remember the bombing of The Riverdale Press as if it were yesterday. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t feel like 30 years ago, but it is.

Donald J. Trump delights in calling journalists in the media “enemies of the people.” The same words used by dictators who fear the truth. He is threatening to investigate “Saturday Night Live” for their mockery of him. That’s their job. They have made fun of every president.

If it seems he is getting more, it’s because he provides so much more material.

I hope he knows by now that this is America, where a free press is the cornerstone of our democracy.

May God bless The Riverdale Press.

Pauline Binder

Pauline Binder,