Making my voting choice


To the editor:

(re: “Council candidates spar, but agree on equity,” Feb. 4)

Like many other residents of this city council district, I watched the first debate and forum on BronxNet recently.

I appreciated the fact that the moderators were professional and in control, and the candidates were calm and clear in their answers to the questions.

This is a very important job representing our council district, and Andy Cohen did an excellent job in representing every corner of our diverse district. Andy enabled our district to receive millions of dollars in city funding to support our schools, parks, not-for-profit agencies like Riverdale Neighborhood House, The Riverdale Y, Mosaic, Mosholu Montefiore Community Center, Knox Gates, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, and many more.

Andy understood our entire district, and how to meet with groups to understand neighborhood needs.

As a city councilman, Andy became the head of various important committees that would approve major funding for our district’s needs.

As I watched the debate unfold, it became clear to me that only Dan Padernacht — of all the candidates — had the experience, done the professional work, and understood the role of what an elected council member does. Dan would calmly and effectively, if elected, represent our entire district, work with all of our stakeholders, and smoothly transition into our vacant council position.

Dan Padernacht has my vote. I hope he has yours.

Don Bluestone

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Don Bluestone,