Need to learn more on judges


To the editor:

(re: “Key Food settles union dispute, pays $90,000,” Jan. 28)

Thank you for your recent story on Key Food in North Riverdale.

I had seen posters in my building last summer, “Boycott Skyview Key Food,” with no explanation. I had seen comments in Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s newsletter regarding settlement of a dispute at Key Food.

The Riverdale Press coverage of Jan. 28 filled out the story with explanations of what happened. Kudos for doing the neighborhood a good journalistic service, fleshing out the meat of the story.

The Riverdale Press is a vibrant asset to Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil and Kingsbridge. I would like to read additional “meaty” stories. For example, your Nov. 19 story — “Voters not too excited to choose county court judges” — left me wanting to see an in-depth story about judgeships. A story could cover how many different levels of judgeships exist.

How does someone become a family court judge? A civil court judge? A criminal court judge? A county supreme court judge? What are the qualifications for each of those judgeships? How many of those judgeships are appointed positions? Who appoints them, and why?

How many are elected? If they are elected, why aren’t their credentials and qualifications made public to the electorate at least two months prior to election day?

A primer on judgeships would be a great service to the community prior to the next election day that includes voting for judges.

Leslie Hogan

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Leslie Hogan,