Police Beat

November 17, 2016 crime round-up

5630 Broadway
Bronx, NY
Broadway and W. 254th Street
Bronx, NY
3600 Bailey Ave.
Bronx, NY
Claflin and Reservoir avenues
Bronx, NY
Johnson and Edsall avenues
Bronx, NY

Shooting victim reluctant to talk

1. Police say a man was shot four times in the face and torso by an unknown assailant, but wasn’t too keen on talking about it. 

It happened on Nov. 9 at about 7 p.m. when the victim, 35, was walking in front of 5630 Broadway. An unknown perpetrator opened fire on him, shooting him twice in the face and twice in the back, before fleeing, police said. 

Police who were on scene said the victim was uncooperative at the time of questioning.

The victim is in stable condition and this case is open to detectives. 

Cabbie slashes rider in dispute

2. A taxi driver and his fare got into an argument that allegedly led to a fight near the corner of Broadway and W. 254th Street. 

Police say the cabbie told the victim, 32, to get out of his car, before lunging at him three times outside of the vehicle. 

The victim told police he walked home before realizing he had a slash wound on his torso and deciding to go to the hospital. 

This case is open to investigation. 


Cars still being targeted 

3. A man’s car was stolen after he spent a night at a local motel believed to be a place of assignations, according to police. 

Officers said the victim, 51, met a woman for dinner on Nov. 11 and took her to the Deegan Motel, at 3600 Bailey Ave., to spend the night. 

When he awoke the next morning, the suspect, whom the man described as being blonde, 5-feet 2-inches tall and 47-years-old, was gone and had taken the victim’s phone, keys and car with her. 

Police say the car was 2010 Honda Odyssey, valued at $15,000.  This case is closed, but an alarm is out in case the car is spotted. 


4.  Another car was stolen on Nov. 7 from the corner of Claflin and Reservoir avenues, according to police. 

They said the 2004 Acura was parked at about 7 p.m., when the victim left it unattended. 

When he arrived a few hours later, the car was gone, with no broken glass or evidence of a break-in. He told police he had no outstanding tickets and he was the only one with keys to the vehicle. 

This case is closed. 


5. A woman’s car was broken into on the corner of Johnson and Edsall avenues early on Nov. 4, according to police. 

The said the victim, 30, left her 2002 Ford Explorer parked on the street and when she came back, someone had broken in through the rear window. 

Perpetrators stole a set of golf clubs from the trunk and $100 in cash from the glove compartment. 

This case is open to detectives.