Pass health care reform — finally


To the editor:

Universal health care in New York state is now possible. For the first time, we have a majority of co-sponsors of the New York Health Act in both the state senate and Assembly. Now is the time for the leaders of the Assembly and the senate to bring the bill up for a vote.

Since the legislative session in Albany ends June 10, our state leaders must act soon.

If cost is an argument against universal health care, please compare the percent of the gross domestic product for health care in the United States with that of comparable wealthy countries. Our percent is much higher, and the other countries all have universal health care with overall better health outcomes.

Now is the time to show your support for universal health care. That support can make a difference. Contact your state representative and urge them to bring the bill up for a vote this session.

Now is the time for our state representatives to represent the health care needs of all their constituents — all New Yorkers.

For information on the New York Health Act, and to contact your state representative, visit NYHCampaign.org.

Change is long overdue, and New York can lead the way for the nation.

David Carlson

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David Carlson,