Pay your fair share


To the editor:

Congress needs to pass campaign finance reform and legislation that withstands Constitutional challenges.

We must take the power in our democracy back from wealthy special interests, and put it back where it belongs: In the hands of “We, the people.”

We need a Constitutional amendment to restore the ability of Congress and the states to enact commonsense campaign finance regulations.

I think it’s crazy that me with my $3,000 monthly income pays more taxes than corporations. It doesn’t make any sense. The wealthy corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes.

I want to see more humanity in our world, and less cruelty. This includes going back to family farms and doing away with factory farms, the biggest pollutants in our country. Workers who normally would get paid fair wages don’t because they are immigrants. No one wants to do the work they do as it is too dirty and too hard.

Immigrants are what this country is made of, and I do not want to stop people from immigrating who come here for a better life.

Joy Leftow

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Joy Leftow,