Prescriptions and MetroCards, oh my!


One thief hit the jackpot when they broke into Farmacia Kingsbridge Pharmacy in the early hours of June 1.

The perp damaged both the glass door and the rolling metal gate on the West Kingsbridge Road store on their way in, police said. Once inside, they went against doctor’s orders, helping themselves to 75 different bottles of drugs, worth about $75,000, police said. They also nabbed 550 MetroCards, valued at just over $3,000 along with $28,000 in cash.

There were no cameras to capture the theft, and with that many MetroCards, the perpetrator could be almost anywhere the subway system could take you.

Need a new cell phone?

A thief found themselves a little disappointed in search for a phone June 2 after breaking into the T-Mobile store on West 237th Street.

The person made their way through the front door, stealing one Logitech speaker — worth $200 — and 20 iPhone cases, worth about $500. No phones were stolen, though, so it’s unclear what exactly those cases will be used for.

Detectives are working without witnesses or camera footage to find the well-protected thief.

Hey, my computer!

A resident of the 2000 block of Edsall Avenue received a nasty shock early one morning as they watched someone try to steal right out of their home.

It was 5:40 a.m., on May 28, when it all happened in front of their eyes — someone smashing the glass of their office window, reaching in, and trying to steal their laptop, according to a report. They did succeed allegedly nabbing a necklace, however.

Police were called and arrested the alleged long-armed thief, charging him with burglary and criminal possession of a weapon after they said they found him carrying a knife.

All that glitters is gold

Thieves looking through the window at the I.S. Gold Market jewelry store June 2 wanted what was inside. But wasn’t ready to wait for normal business hours.

Instead, the thieves broke a window of the 5625 Broadway store, damaging both the front door and the metal gate protecting it, police said. Once inside, they shattered a glass display cases and stole what was inside — although police didn’t know the exact amount of jewelry stolen, or what it’s worth.

Cameras in the store captured the sticky-fingered jewelry enthusiasts climbing into a car outside the shop and driving south on Broadway, although no arrests have been made in the case so far.

A little weed, a little spark

Being parked in front of a bus stop was only the beginning for a car full of people during a time where such close quarters shouldn’t be happening. on the afternoon of May 21.

When an officer investigated the illegal parking job on the afternoon of May 21, he told his superiors he saw  marijuana through the window, in plain view. 

That was enough to get police to look closer inside  the car, finding a stun gun.

All three people sitting inside the car were arrested for possession of a weapon, police said.

Getting a handle on things

Sometimes, cars get stolen. Sometimes, their tires and rims are stolen. But one unlucky car owner was the victim of a different kind of theft when he returned to his vehicle after parking it overnight on May 27.

The man returned to his car on the 1000 block of Heath Avenue to find the door handles missing. Not only that, but once the perp had access to the car, police said, they reportedly stole his motorcycle helmet — valued at about $200 — and a toolbox, worth about $100.

Combined with the roughly $1,000 damage to the 2016 Ford, the car owner is looking at one expensive parking spot. And without camera footage or witnesses, police are working to find the thief without many clues.