Police Beat

Radio console ripped from Acura


It seems a timeless tale, if ever there were one — cars offer criminals a veritable bevy of items all too easy to purloin.

A 33-year-old told cops he parked his 2019 Acura MDX on the 3300 block of Henry Hudson Parkway, next to Seton Park in south Riverdale, around 8 p.m., Feb. 16. But when he returned the following afternoon around 1:20, he discovered someone had smashed the passenger-side rear window before tearing out the center console radio system, valued at nearly $1,700.

The window buster apparently wasn’t satisfied with just the console, however, because they reportedly also pilfered a phone charger, the front passenger-side door handle, and possibly an additional radio or some kind of equipment stashed inside the luxury ride.

No security cameras are where the heist happened, police said, which complicates their job tracking the mystery perp.

Nevertheless, they’re investigating the grand larceny.


Bedroom ransacked

Not every alleged burglar who slips in through an apartment window finds what he’s looking for, apparently.

A 58-year-old told police someone entered his home on the 2700 block of Webb Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights sometime between when he left for work around 7:15 a.m., on Friday, Feb. 8, and when he returned around lunchtime later that same day.

The mystery intruder seems to have forced open the man’s bedroom window, before leaving the room itself a shambles, the man’s belongings scattered, and finally slipping out the same window through which he’d entered, according to a report.

Police searched for a perpetrator, to no avail, and finding one is even harder because there reportedly are no security cameras near the bedroom window.

And although the fellow living there told cops none of his stuff went missing, they’re still looking into the burglary.