Something different this time


To the editor:

This spring, Eric Dinowitz won a special election for the city council seat for which his father, long-serving Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, had been grooming him for years.

Now another election for the same seat is just days away, on June 22. Those wanting real change for our district might be wondering if all hope is lost. What’s different this time around? How can the Dinowitz brand of retail politics be stopped?

I will tell you what’s different this time: Abigail Martin.

Abigail is not a politician. She is a fellow social worker. A mother. A U.S. Navy spouse. And an advocate.

It is refreshing volunteering for Abigail exactly because this is her first time running for office — she is a true political outsider. However, Abigail is not new to struggles, barriers and obstacles. She has been on the front lines fighting for New Yorkers her entire career.

Perhaps most importantly for those wanting a change in leadership, Abigail is the candidate in this race who can both win and effectively govern to help our district and New York City recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is most refreshing that Abigail does not owe allegiance to anyone but the constituents of the district. She listens to voices from across the district, and has a place at the table for those left out, or those left behind.

Abigail can win because she has outraised all the other candidates — Dinowitz included — and has more donors who live right here in the northwest Bronx than anyone else on the ballot. She is not one to seek the limelight, but is someone who puts her head down to do the work in dedication and service of others.

She is simply someone who fights for what’s right, and who stands up for the most vulnerable in our midst.

In March’s special election, nobody challenging Dinowitz received more than 22 percent of the first-place votes. Overall, the results were discouraging, but they gave us all a real insight into how limited the other candidates were.

For the upcoming Democratic primary, we finally have the chance to change course and rally behind a candidate with broad appeal throughout the district.

I have been a grassroots organizer in the northwest Bronx since 2016, and have worked — up close — with many of our most promising candidates.

Out of those still on the ballot in June, none shines as brightly as Abigail. She understands the way the city agencies work and how constituents can best tap into — and benefit — from them.

We cannot afford to begin another new era of Dinowitz family politics, as usual. It’s time to elect a candidate who can bring new leadership to our community.

That candidate is Abigail Martin.

Please join me and vote No. 1 for Abigail Martin on June 22.

David Knapp

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David Knapp,