Stay clear of all those icebergs


To the editor:

It is mayday yet?

The good ship America has sailed off course and into heavy seas.

The crew and many passengers, however, are unperturbed as they go about their daily routines.

A few dance, and others are comfortably asleep.

Some on board take notice as a dense fog approaches, but the crew makes no announcements or preparations. They wave off any concerns, apparently convinced that it is only a passing weather condition ahead. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Today, we all find ourselves on that ship in a place that we have never been before, and never imagined that we would be.

The attempt we witnessed during the U.S. Senate’s impeachment trial, to cover up a despot’s criminal assaults on democracy and the rule of law, is supportive of the most dangerous attack on our constitutional form of government in American history.

Whatever our political inclinations, as Americans, we have always been careful not to steer too far in any direction that takes us into hazardous waters. But the current trajectory of our government has sailed us into the treachery of a Bermuda Triangle.

While the new “Trump GOP” continues their folly of trying to obscure and confuse the facts and issues of what is clearly the tightening grip of a despot, somewhere inside the haze of the fog floats a giant iceberg named “totalitarianism.”

Will any of them be able to see it before it’s too late?

Jose Figueroa

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Jose Figueroa,