Streets are just not safe


To the editor:

(re: “Turning the corner revamping intersection,” Jan. 21)

I was so sorry to read in your Jan. 21 edition that a car hit a pedestrian on Independence Avenue.

Like the man who expected someone to get hit, tragically, I too expect that on the stretch of Mosholu Avenue from Fieldston Road to Broadway. There is no stop sign, crosswalk or traffic light from Broadway to Fieldston.

There are many stores located on the south side of Mosholu, and there is constant crossing in the middle of the street — much of it by senior citizens and the disabled.

It is considered a through street with active car, truck and bus traffic — and traffic that has recently left the parkway, causing more speed than smaller local streets have.

I have written to Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and to the city’s transportation department. No action has been taken other than to say it’s not necessary to even provide a “yield to pedestrian” signal, or even paint stripes for a crosswalk, even though there are curb cuts for crosswalks at Spencer and Huxley avenues, and Post Road.

Interestingly, a camera to detect speeding was recently installed on Mosholu, just east of Fieldston. I wonder why that happened if there is no dangerous speeding?

Well, I shouldn’t wonder as I conclude that, politically, issuing speeding tickets is more important than saving lives.

Patricia Smith

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Patricia Smith,