Too many contradictions here


To the editor:

(re: “Winning isn’t everything when talking impeachment,” Dec. 5)

My letter in December was an extremely serious opinion piece that express my utter contempt for those crazed, deranged, Trump-hating Democratic Party lawyer/politicians who, during the past impeachment hearings, did away with all semblances of due process, the presumption of innocence, the exclusion of hearsay evidence, the right to cross-examine witnesses, or to introduce your own witnesses, etc.

I, later in the letter, also expressed my disgust and complete contempt for the legal profession as a whole because the various bar associations had remained completely silent about this abuse of the law. Nobody — not one lawyer in any of these supposedly prestigious organizations — had the guts or decency to speak out and condemn this vicious assault by the Democrats on the rule of law.

Why this nauseating disregard of basic legal principles? Because, as I had stated previously in my letter, this was the result of law schools such as Harvard teaching their students that “to think like a lawyer” actually means (in my opinion, based on reality) “to do and say whatever you think you can get away with, forget morality, to hell with right and wrong, the end justifies the means — and above all, winning is everything.”

These were very serious charges that I made. Yet, in the Riverdale/Kingsbridge area — an area replete with lawyers — not one attorney responded. Neither did any politicians, including those belonging to the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club or Community Board 8. Not a peep, not a sound from any of these “masters of the universe.”

Not even from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the usually vociferous, loud-mouthed, morally (if not criminally) corrupt political lord of the 81st Assembly District.

However, two non-lawyers or politicians did respond, with neither of them rebutting anything I had to say. One, named Steve Markbreiter, was offended that I used the word “scumbag” to (accurately) describe former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and current Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. As I explained in my letter, the word “scumbag” is mainstream language — just as is the term “undocumented immigrant,” which is a phony politically correct, made-up description that offends me and many tens of millions more law-abiding Americans like me.

All I have to say to Mr. Markbreiter and snowflakes like him is to grow up. The world does not revolve around you alone. People have different points of view.

The other respondent, Adam Stoler, as usual, didn’t address the arguments made in my letter, but instead attacked me personally, as he had done in the past.

What can I say about Mr. Stoler that Richard Warren (whom I don’t know, and never met) hasn’t already said in his letter about Mr. Stoler in January?

Here are two excerpts from that letter: “Adam Stoler has repeatedly called for censoring Alvin Gordon. He falsely accused Gordon of libel for his fact-based point of view about Hillary Clinton in 2018.”

His closing sentence exposes Stoler’s hypocrisy when he says, “I say Mr. Gordon should straighten up and offer his opinion on issues, not people. My problem with Mr. Stoler is that he avoids the issues and attacks people.”

I thank Mr. Warren for his kind words of support.

After Adam Stoler first started attacking me some time ago, I started keeping a file of his letters. Up to this point, I have ignored him. But enough is enough, and so turnabout is fair play. I’ll just add the following to what Mr. Warren had to say about Mr. Stoler: Mr. Stoler inanely contradicts himself from one letter to another, and even within the same letter.

For example, in his latest letter (re: “Anger is just not the way to go,” Dec. 19), he spent the entire letter psychoanalyzing and attacking me. Yet, in the body of the letter, he wrote the following contradictory sentence: “Most (readers) feel like I do that ignoring you is the best available option.”

This sentence sums up the essence of Adam Stoler. He embarrasses himself with every letter.

Alvin Gordon

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Alvin Gordon,