Water problems in North Riverdale


The sight is chronic — construction cracking into North Riverdale streets.

The city’s design and construction department is installing new water mains in the area around West 259th Street and Riverdale Avenue, according to spokeswoman Shoshana Khan. That means in order to connect local homes and businesses to new mains, water needs to be interrupted — more often than some neighbors would prefer.

“It’s very inconvenient because you have to open later in the day,” said Joey Depasquale, manager at Addeo’s Riverdale Pizza on Riverdale Avenue.

Josue Guerrero, owner of Yohan’s Deli & Grocery just south of the city lines, prides his establishment’s always-fresh coffee. But with interruptions, he’ll need to use bottled water — which is expensive.

“I guess it’s got to get done,” Depasquale said. “As long as they get it done diligently. Hopefully they get it done right the first time — and quickly — so they don’t have to keep coming back.”


Strike looming?

It looks like doormen and supers are staying on the job.

Both sides of a labor contract dispute have come to terms on a preliminary deal, according to Stephen Budihas, president of Riverdale Cooperatives and Condominiums, who represented condo owners in the negotiations. The contract had been set to expire on Thursday.

Members of 32BJ SEIU had approved a strike if necessary.