What to do with a car and no license?


One woman really enjoyed her 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300. That is until April 12, when she parked it on the 6000 block of Fieldston Road around lunchtime, only to have it burglarized.

Thieves absconded with her wallet — including multiple credit and debit cards and her New York State driver’s license — police said. 

To add insult to injury, her green jacket, worth about $100, also was nicked.

There were no cameras in the area and no witnesses, and the woman is still missing her stolen goods.

One way to deal with frustration

People might be getting restless because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, but one woman on the 3000 block of Albany Crescent reportedly took her frustrations out on a neighbor.

Police say the victim was punched in the chest before her attacker jumped on her and scratched her chest and neck. She didn’t have serious injuries, luckily, but told police she had some redness and pain. 

Still, she refused medical attention.

Her assailant was charged with assault, police said.

Always remember the bare necessities

New Yorkers have been discouraged from making non-essential trips, meaning you should only be out and about for things you absolutely need.

One man made some new rules for what’s essential, though, and the best way to get those “essentials.”

The man made a trip to the Rite-Aid at 5825 Broadway bright and early on the morning of April 14, according to police, and picked up two cases of Modelo beer before heading for the exit. 

When an employee tried to stop him, the thirsty thief reportedly flashed a knife before running out of the store to whereabouts unknown.

The man wasn’t caught and detectives are still investigating. 

Police described the man as about 6-foot-3, wearing a black hoodie and a face mask.